Don Bosco Centre for Social Action


CREAM- Child Rights Education and Action Movement is to establish child participation as the key facet of child development. CREAM wants to achieve a high level of child participation in child development, promote child rights and ensure child protection by establishing the appropriate structures and networks in the 10 districts chosen. The key objective is to introduce child rights education in the school curriculum of the State by demonstrating its effectiveness through the project.

    Features of CREAM
  • Creating awareness on Child Rights among children Human Rights Education (HRE) in schools
  • government school teachers to be trained to impart HRE
  • Formation of child rights clubs Training for all stakeholders (SHGs, Gram Panchayath Leaders, Government Officials, youth, teachers, NGO leaders, etc.) in the community on child rights
  • Participatory Action Research and Campaigns by children at district and state level
    CREAM Indicators
  • A minimum of 500 NEW Child Protection Committees Formed in the villages
  • 60% of the GPs of the project districts should conduct Makkala Gramasabha.
  • Created strong collaboration with Women and Child Development department, Rural Development Department, UNICEF, High Court Committees on Juvenile Justice
  • Advocated to strengthen KSCPCR and DCPU
  • Ensure the CRCs are formed at least 60% of the government schools of the target districts
  • Advocated and ensured that the appointment of a designated teacher in the school by the government order to supervise the CRCs
  • Dialogues and workshops with 40 government stake holders and civil society groups
  • The education department takes the ownership to print and distribute the manual on the formation of child rights clubs and the text book on child rights to all the schools in Karnataka

  • CREAM Activities
  • Basic Training and Formation of CRCs
  • Stakeholder workshops
  • Teacher- Student workshop
  • Advocacy works
  • Advocacy campaigns
  • Training for Project Staff
  • School level training on Child Rights (CR) and formation of Child Rights Clubs (CRCs)
  • Stakeholder Workshops
  • Teacher/Student workshops
  • Advocacy Actions
  • District level campaigns for child rights promotion