Don Bosco Centre for Social Action

Young at Risk

Building resilience in children at risk, enabling them in their vulnerable situations, is the main focus of DBCSA’s development interventions with children. From our experience, we believe that children can overcome most negative conditions, provided that the child’s vulnerabilities are compensated by a protective environment. Through multipronged and rights based approaches, DBCSA projects have tried to establish an enabling environment for vulnerable children; where they are encouraged to open up and enjoy opportunities for participation, growth and development.


DBCSA seeks to build a better future for the children by promoting education projects. The projects focus on creating access to education for the less privileged children in rural and remote areas; we assist them through formal and non-formal education strategic interventions which include public schools, bridge schools, and supplementary education programmes for rescued child labourers and children dropped out of school.

Skill Training

They aim at enhancing the vocational skills of marginalized youth by providing short term skill training with job placement services. The project will impart different domain training. DBCSA provides youth with the skills and assist to build self confidence by providing interactive skills, interview skills, time management, work place behaviours, communication, negotiation skills and positive attitude towards life.

Community Development

Community development projects of DBCSA aim to develop skills within communities that empower them in overcoming social, economic and environmental challenges. These multifaceted projects have tried to create effective and sustainable impact on the living conditions, Health and economic status of disadvantaged communities, strengthening their livelihood capabilities by establishing systems that foster participation and self reliance.