Don Bosco Centre for Social Action

About Don Bosco Center for Social Action

The Don Bosco Center For Social Action Yadagiri was established in 2004 as a channel of development and progress in areas of education, women empowerment and inspiration among the people of Yadagiri District.

The center envisages programmes for awareness and eradication of existing social evils such as poverty, ignorance, unemployment, hopelessness etc. among the people at large.

We undertake work for the children at risk in different areas of life. Children, who are working, missing, dropped from the school, malnourished, differently abled and those abandoned in the society. We take up educational programmes for the drop-outs in 24 villages, we conduct awareness programmes regarding the need for education in the villages, we conduct bridge courses called as Chinnarangala doing vacation for the working children in the villages. We conduct cultural and formative activities for the well-being of the children. We give medical assistance for the children in the villages and distribute medicines through the help of doctors and registered medical practitioners. We distributed educational materials for the children in ´┐╝our centers. Sports and athletic support is also provided for the children in the villages. Child rights Awareness programmes are conducted regularly at all the 24 villages for the children, parents and educators. The most highlighting aspect of our work is the MISSING CHILD BUREAU which conversthe whole Yadgir district including Talukas of Yadgir, shahapur and surpur. We also take up child labor projects conducting residential bridge courses, anti-child campaigns and rallies.