Don Bosco School is a reputed institute of education guided by the educational mission of the Salesian Congregation. This educational institution assures excellence in academics, physical, social, emotional and spiritual empowerment of our students. The school is open to all good and earnest students. Admission will be granted only after a written test and an interview (except K.G) and according to the age limit proper to the classes.

  • Parents are asked to fill in the Admission Forms with the utmost accuracy. No subsequent changes are permitted once it is written in the register. If the contact number of the parent is changed, it has to be intimidated to the school office.

  • A candidate who has attended a recognized school cannot be admitted without a Transfer Certificate from the school he/she has attended. All students must produce a proper Birth Certificate along with the Aadhar card of the candidate and his/her father and mother.

  • A new candidate should be introduced personally to the principal by the one who will be responsible for the conduct and the fees.

  • New candidates will be examined on the syllabus of the class immediately below which they seek admission.