Don Bosco School aspires in teaching excellence by fostering a community of enthusiastic, engaging and committed teaching staff. Our team of professionally qualified teachers is an asset to the school. They discharge the vital responsibilities of the academic and nonacademic activities of the school efficiently and wholeheartedly.

▸NAME : Mrs. Savitarani

▸Designation : Asst. Teacher ▸Qualification : M.A, B. Ed

▸NAME : Mrs. Alka

▸Designation : Asst. Teacher ▸Qualification : M.A, B. Ed

▸NAME :Mrs.Malashree Reddy

▸Designation : Asst. Teacher ▸Qualification : M.Sc, B. Ed

▸NAME : Mr. Mallikarjun

▸Designation : Asst. Teacher ▸Qualification : M.A, B. Ed

▸NAME : Mr. Gopi

▸Designation :P. E. Teacher ▸Qualification : M.A, B. Ped & M. Ped

▸NAME :Mr. Abdul Basha

▸Designation : Art Teacher ▸Qualification : BVA. MVA

▸NAME : Sr. Roopa

▸Designation :Asst. Teacher ▸Qualification :B.A, B.Ed

▸NAME :Ms. Premalatha

▸Designation :Asst. Teacher ▸Qualification :M. Sc

▸NAME : Mr. Joseph

▸Designation : Asst. Teacher ▸Qualification : BCA, B. Ed

▸NAME : Mrs. Swapna

▸Designation :Asst. Teacher ▸Qualification :PUC, D. Ed

▸NAME :Mrs. Vijayalaxmi

▸Designation : Asst. Teacher ▸Qualification :B.A, D.Ed , B. Ed

▸NAME : Mr. Nawab Kodal

▸Designation : Asst. Teacher ▸Qualification :M.A, B. Ed

▸NAME :Mrs. Gangamma

▸Designation :Asst. Teacher ▸Qualification :M.A, B. Ed

▸NAME :Mrs. Priyanka

▸Designation : Asst. Teacher ▸Qualification :B. Sc, B. Ed

▸NAME :Mrs. Anuradha

▸Designation : Asst. Teacher ▸Qualification :B.A, B. Ed

▸NAME :Ms. Arunakumari

▸Designation :Physical Teacher ▸Qualification :B.A, M. Ped

▸NAME :Mrs. Sujatha

▸Designation : Asst. Teacher ▸Qualification :B.A, D.Ed

▸NAME :Mrs. Rita

▸Designation : Asst. Teacher ▸Qualification :M.A, B. Ed

▸NAME :Sr. Lincy

▸Designation : Asst. Teacher ▸Qualification :B.A

▸NAME :Ms. Sumangala

▸Designation :Asst. Teacher ▸Qualification :M.A, B. Ed

▸NAME :Ms. Bharathi Devi

▸Designation :Asst. Teacher ▸Qualification :M. Sc, B. Ed

▸NAME :Mr. Maruti Kattimani

▸Designation :Asst. Teacher ▸Qualification :B.A, B. Ed

▸NAME :Ms. Savithri

▸Designation :IT Teacher ▸Qualification :B.COM

▸NAME :Mr. Satish Kumar

▸Designation :IT Teacher ▸Qualification :B.A, MBA

▸NAME :Mr. Robinson

▸Designation :Asst. Teacher ▸Qualification :Mech. Eng

▸NAME :Ms. Sonia Marak

▸Designation : Asst. Teacher ▸Qualification : PUC, PTT

▸NAME : Mrs. Nagarashmi

▸Designation : Asst. Teacher ▸Qualification : M.A, B.Ed

▸NAME : Mr. Simeon

▸Designation : Office Staff ▸Qualification :B.A, B Ed

▸NAME : Mr. G. Udayshankar

▸Designation : Office Staff ▸Qualification : B.A

▸NAME :Mr. Monappa

▸Designation : Bus Driver

▸NAME :Mr. Sabanna

▸Designation : Bus Driver

▸NAME :Mr. Shanthappa

▸Designation : Security

▸NAME :Mrs. Sunita Namdev

▸Designation : Care-taker

▸NAME :Mrs. Sunita Nagesh

▸Designation : Care-taker

▸NAME :Mrs. Tayyamma

▸Designation : Care-taker

▸NAME :Mrs. Jyothi

▸Designation : Care-taker

▸NAME :Mrs.Manju

▸Designation : Care-taker