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General Guidelines


General Guidelines

Code of conduct:
Students once admitted to the college are encouraged to imbibe the spirit of Don Bosco PU College and to aim at attaining the benefits of good education. The College places a heavy responsibility on the parents to familiarize themselves with the Mission and Objectives and the Code of Conduct laid down by the College, and play their role effectively in guiding their ward to follow the rules and regulations of the college not only to the letter but in the spirit behind these regulations.The individual student is responsible for the College standards in matters of dress and deportment. With regards to dress, norms of simplicity, modesty and propriety are to be kept in mind.

Dress code:
Dress code must be strictly followed while in the college campus. Students should wear the college uniform on working days. Personal appearance is an important aspect of communicating professionalism, particularly for a student. A professional appearance helps to develop self - confidence and promote an environment of mutual respect and dignity. To achieve these objectives, a special dress code is prescribed by the college. Students are to come to the college neatly and decently dressed. College uniform must be worn on all days except on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Attendance is compulsory. Every student is required to attend minimum 80% of lectures delivered in each course. Attendance will be taken for each lecture. Any absence should be with prior sanctioned leave. In case of any emergency such as sickness, bereavement, etc., the student or guardian should inform the office of the Principal promptly. Students should also produce a Medical Certificate in case of absence due to illness.Irregularity in attendance for classes, tests and examinations, lack of co-operation in disciplinary matters and failure of parents to assume responsibilities made known by the College are areas that the College is particularly strict about and those found indulging in the same could be denied permission to answer the final examination.Education in Don Bosco Pre-University College is a joint endeavor of the Management, Staff, Parents, Guardian and Students and our basic objective is the overall development of the student, keeping in mind his/her role as an individual, a member of a family, a citizen of the country, a social and most importantly a human being.Parents do please note that a student is admitted to the College only for one year. He/she will be re-admitted only if the College authorities are satisfied by the student’s response and that of the parents.

Scholarship :
Students can avail of all the scholarships available from the government through the college.