Mannager Desk

Fr. K.C. Mathew, MA, B.Ed., M.Phil.

It gives me an incredible delight to welcome everyone of you to Don Bsoco institutions at Yadagir, Karnataka India. Don Bosco Institutions is named after Saint John Bosco, popularly known as Don Bosco an eminent educationalist from Italy.

There are several areas in which Don Bosco proved himself to be a pioneer. But the area in which he proved this best as he broke with the past was in the field of the education of the young where he introduced the preventive system of education which was quite different from the repressive system which was in vogue. Further by placing his system on the three pillars of Reason, Religion and Relationship (loving kindness) he was giving education a holistic outlook with insistence being placed on the development of the mind (Reason), on the imbibing of moral values based on religious tenets (Religion) and on a personal rapport between the educator and the educated resulting from a loving presence of the educator in the midst of those whom he educates (Relationship). But Don Bosco was firmly convinced that in order for reason and religion to be nurtured the educator had in the first place to establish a close relationship with those whom he educates.

Karl Rogers, one of the more renowned educational psychologists would advocate a similar system when he said in his 1951 work Client-centered Therapy: Its Current Practice, Implications and Theory: “… learning rests not upon the teaching skills of the leader, not upon his curricular planning, not upon his use of audio-visuals… No, the facilitation of significant learning rests upon the relationship between the teacher and the student!”

This insistence on relationship in education is not new to India, a land renowned for the guru- shishya model of learning, which typified the personal and close relationship which existed between the guru and the shishya. We the educators of Don Bosco all over the world are trying to do the same. I wish and pray that Don Bosco Institutions here at Yadagir too continue to be an institution where both the staff and the students will realize that the facilitation of significant learning rests upon the relationship between the teacher and the student and will hence strive to create an atmosphere conducive to genuine all-round growth of the students. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my community, students, faculty, staff, alumni and board members for playing an active part in the growth of this institution. As the head of an educational institution, I am pleased to have blessed with such an understanding team, who have played an instrumental role in the successful tenure of our institutions here at Yadagir. We hope to continue to grow as an institute and impart quality education with a human touch in the future as well.

Thanking you,
Fr. K.C. Mathew, MA, B.Ed., M.Phil.