Don Bosco’s Education System

All Salesian educational activities are carried out according to a basic educational philosophy, which is usually referred to as The Preventive System. The Preventive System is a stream of positive activity flowing throughout the whole school, from the Principal to the youngest students which by its very positiveness excludes disorders and negativity.

The Preventive approach is based on assistance and accompaniment, where the educator is perceived as father, mother, brother, sister, guide and protector. The approach is based on encouragement and motivation. It is growth enhancing. The Preventive System is based on three pillars: reason, religion and loving kindness. The Preventive System makes a friend of the pupil, who looks upon his educator as a benefactor who advises him, wishes to make him good, to save him from trouble, from punishments, and from dishonour.

In Preventive System the teachers are assistants, guides and directors, and mingle spontaneously with students. They join in student activities and are present in recreation with them, as assistants. Belongingness, security, and recognition are attained in this system of education by the confidence generated through this interpersonal relationship between pupils and teachers who, in Don Bosco’s words, are like “loving fathers” encouraging and praising at the proper moment. The needs for attention and recognition are fulfilled by wholesome outlets: sports, music, drama, field trips and a countless number of school activities.